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2021 Science & Engineering Fair Award Winners Announced

About the Awards: 

In April of 2009, the Los Angeles Section of PECG established two new awards, in recognition of two former Caltrans Engineers, the James E. Roberts Award and the Marilyn Jorgensen Reece Award, to be presented annually at the Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair as follows:

The James E. Roberts Award ($1,000 cash), presented to the top male engineering student either in the senior or junior division. James Roberts spearheaded the worldwide highly recognizable Caltrans Highway Bridge Seismic Retrofit Program that made highway bridges throughout the state seismically safer. He has demonstrated the California seismic retrofit concepts at many conferences throughout the world. 

The Marilyn Jorgensen Reece Award ($1,000 cash), presented to the top female engineering student either in the senior or junior division. Reece, an award-winning engineer, literally paved the way for women in the field of engineering as the first licensed female professional civil engineer (PE) in the State of California. Senate Resolution 72, authored by Senator Debra Bowen, has renamed the Santa Monica Freeway and San Diego Freeway Interchange to the "Marilyn Jorgensen Reece Memorial Interchange," after the pioneer Caltrans engineer. 

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