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PECG Los Angeles Section
2018/19 Executive Committee and Delegates
and Committees



2018/2019 OFFICERS




Refugio Dominguez

(213) 897-5580



John Vassiliades

(213) 897-7395


President Elect

John K. Lee (213) 897-8623


VP Rank & File

Ohannes (John) Anserlian

(213) 897-0243


VP Supervisory

Oswald Elizondo (213) 897-0343


VP At Large

David Koo (213) 620-6155



Fouad Dagher (213) 897-0590



Sujaya Kalainisan

(213) 897-1704





  Schani Abeyesundere (213) 897-0169
  Mohamed A. Ahmed (213) 897-5975
  Shabbir Ahmed (213) 897-0690
  Samir Bakar (213) 897-0095
  Saed Batarseh (213) 897-2856
  MD Bhuiyan (213) 897-2732
  Grish Biglarian (213) 897-9300
  Palani Chandrasekaran (562) 590-3132
  Darek Chmielewski (213) 897-8485
  Michael Dipsia (213) 330-6650
  Ben Ehsani

(213) 897-1138

  Mohamed Ghannoum (213) 897-2731
  Ananth Hosekere (213) 897-0070
  Nguyen H. Hua (213) 897-7152
  Edward Jackson (213) 897-0898
  Enrique Jimenez (562) 627-0064
  Varoujan Jinbachian (213) 576-6235
  Bassem Kabbara (562) 345-9864
  Debbie Kennedy (714) 567-7100
  Jalil Khan (213) 897-8336
  Hamid Khorram (650) 255-8180
  Vijay Kopparam (213) 897-2946
Vin Kumar (213) 897-9336
  Jenna Latt (626) 575-7097
  Samuel Luk (213) 897-3302
  Dapo Majedokumni (213) 897-0414
  Madeline Mcha (213) 897-6712
  Bashar Nasser (213) 897-4179
  Levi Onyiah (213) 897-7774
  Richard Osnaya (213) 897-3411
  Jinwanjit (JP) Palaha (213) 897-6926
Scott Ratigan (714) 562-5525
  Ojas Sheth (213) 897-8595
  Iqbal Qazi n/a
  Mitra Vahid (213) 897-6617
  Omid Vaziri (213) 897-2799
  Shahriar Yadegari (213) 897-3867
  John T. Zaki (213) 897-6357

PECG Sacramento Office

455 Capitol Mall, Suite 501
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 446-0400 -or- (800) 338-1480
Fax # (916) 446-0489
Email:  pecg@pecg.org

PECG Pasadena Office
(Ask for: Jesse Rodriguez)

Los Angeles:
215 Marengo Avenue, Suite 185
Pasadena, CA 91101
(818) 500-9941 -or- (888) 980-7324
Fax # (818) 247-2348
Email:  pecg@pecg.org

PECG San Francisco Office
(Ask for: Matt Austin)

San Francisco:
100 Pine Street, Suite 750
San Francisco, CA 94111-5102
(415) 861-5720 -or- (888) 350-7324
Fax # (415) 861-5360
Email:  pecg@pecg.org



LA Section Committees

(by Alphabetical Order)


1.      Bargaining Unit Benefits Analysis Committee: To collect data and relevant information on public jurisdiction employee salaries and benefits and to develop an archive that will show the disparities of benefits to those of the Unit 9 employees. To provide support and assistance to the Corporate Bargaining Unit and Meet and Confer Teams with updated new information. 

2.     Benefits Committee: To provide updated information on membership benefits and discount programs that are available to our members through PECG, and to inform the EC on any new programs that may be available.

3.     Ethics & Conflict Resolution: To assist at a Section level, in resolving conflicts or disputes between members, or in matters relating to alleged ethics violations, or to escalate the matter to the Section EC Committee for a course of action or for referral to Corporate Ethics Committee.  The 3 Section VP’s:

4.      Events Planning Committee: To have the organizational responsibility of all activities relating to the Section's meetings, events and activities.

5.      Grievance Review: To assist Rank & File or Supervisory employees who are PECG members in good standing in grievance proceedings.  The 3 Section VP’s:

6.     Health & Safety Committee: To assist members in any issue relating to health and safety in the workspace. To report and provide information to PECG any time there is a concern about employee’s safety, or whenever there was a situation where employees' health or safety is at risk. 

7.      Liaison Committee To research other state bargaining unit MOUs, to share information with the other units and to cooperate in pursuing new strategies pertaining to bargaining issues.  

8.      Membership Committee: To spearhead the Section and Corporate efforts in membership & recruitment drives.  John Vassiliades, Co-Chair; Reza Jahromi, Co-Chair

9.   New EC members Training and Mentoring Committee: Train and mentor our newer EC members about the roles, duties and responsibilities as they relate to PECG’s goals and objectives.

10.    Nominating & Election: In charge of the 2016/17 Section Elections and for nominating members for outstanding service awards.  

11.    PE License Review Committee: To help members attain their PE license and to educate them on PE License requirements. 

12.    Policy & Bylaws Committee: To render interpretation and ensure compliance with the Section and Corporate Bylaws and Policy Files. 

13.    Political Involvement Committee: To assist in the Statewide PAC effort, to project a positive image of PECG and to advocate for its goals and beliefs.  John Vassiliades, Chair; Reza Jahromi, Co-Chair; Sutida Bergquist, Co-Chair 

14.  Press and Information Officer: To brief LA Section members and statewide PECG Sections about important activities or issues of concern to PECG members. 

15.    Retirement Committee: To provide assistance and support to members on retirement procedures, benefits, and to update our members with CalPERS issues.

16.    Scholarship, Student Mentoring & Science Fair Committee: To organize and involve our members in Student Mentoring & Science Fair events. 

17.    Specialty Engineers and Classifications CommitteeTo provide data and to handle all matters relating to members’ job classifications, including the Deep Class and Title Act issues.

18.    Technical Committee: In charge of keeping the Section website up-to-date with the latest information.

Los Angeles Section Professional Engineers in California Government